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ITEAC 2014 is at Senate House, University of London, from Sunday 8th through Tuesday 10th June 2014 - register your interest now!
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Plans are now being made for the 2014 International Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference to be presented in Senate House in the University of London from Sunday 8th through Tuesday 10th June, to be followed by the ABTT Theatre Show on Wednesday and Thursday 11th and 12th June.

Another revealing international festival of theatre technology, planning and operations for everyone involved with spaces for live performance. Continuing the success of the three previous ITEAC London events this one is planned to include more question and answer time, group discussions, learned papers and slicker presentations, all this time organised by a new Editorial Board. Full details of the venue, the anticipated topics and papers will be available shortly. Tickets at discounted prices will be available on-line from February in the New Year allowing those who book early to make savings on their Conference, hotel and travel costs. The Conference will cover topics related to many recent projects, both large and small, and particularly issues relating to planning for the future. Monitor this web-site for further news and register your interest with the Conference Manager.

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The first Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference was organised in 2002 by theatre consultant Richard Brett as a result of the frustration felt at seeing so many poorly designed or wrongly equipped performance spaces, sometimes while being planned but also when completed.

Richard was aware that he and other theatre professionals had a duty to try to disseminate their experience to try to reduce the number of unsatisfactory theatres and other venues being built or refurbished.

The aim was to get architects, acousticians and building services engineers into discussion with theatre managers, consultants, technicians and designers, so that each group would understand enough of the others disciplines to improve collaboration and eliminate impracticable developments.

The theatre equipment supply industry saw the benefit of being involved in this and has generously supported each event since.

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A number of specialist publications, based on the presentations made at the Conferences, are available that describe both the problems and solutions to issues involved in all aspects of planning, designing, constructing and equipping performing arts buildings.

These books are fully illustrated in colour and contain the knowledge and experience of leading architects, practitioners, engineers, consultants, managers and innovators. They can be purchased on-line – click the links to see what is available, and select PURCHASE to buy.

Volume 1 – Engineering and Technology

Volume 2 – Architecture and Planning

Volume 3 – Operations, Safety, Cost and Risk

Volume 4 – Stage Engineering & Technology

Volume 5 – Planning and Architecture

Volume 6 – General and Management

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